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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find the Teesside University (TU) Store?

You can find the link to the TU Store here:

2. What can I do on the TU Store?

The TU Store allows Learners and Business / Sponsors to access non-accredited continuous professional development (CPD) and short courses. You are able to pay for the courses on the store and gain access to the course in our virtual learning environment (VLE) via the link in your confirmation email.

3. What is a non-accredited CPD or short course?

All the courses upon the TU Store are designed and created by Teesside University academic teams and are unique to Teesside University. Non-accredited courses don’t hold academic credits and are vocational and skills based courses. Within the TU Store you will find courses across a broad range of subject disciplines including Business, Health, the Arts and Humanities. Additionally we are always expanding our portfolio of CPD and short courses via our TU Group companies including the National Horizon Centre (NHC) and Net Zero.

4. How can I pay for my courses via the Store as an individual Learner?

As an individual Leaner you are able to pay for courses via the TUOL Store using a debit or credit card. Please note you are required to pay for your courses prior to receiving access to your course via a link within your confirmation email, sent to you in response to payment.

5. I’m paying for courses on behalf of my employees as a Business/Sponsor, can I use the store for multiple learners?

Yes, you are able to purchase on behalf of your employees / Learners and complete multiple purchases. You can pay for courses on behalf of individual Learners, one by one - or bulk upload a CSV file for many Learners at a single time.
The cart walks you through this process, however please note you must associate the courses to each Learner. As mentioned you will be guided through this process step by step within the cart area as you purchase the courses.
Each Learner will then receive a confirmation email with a link which will allow access to our virtual learning environment (VLE) which contains the course.

6. I don’t have a student account in the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) am I still able to use the TU Store?

Yes, you are able to use the TU Store if you don’t already have a student account within the virtual learning environment (VLE). As you progress through the cart process you will be prompted to create an account (or login to your existing account) within the virtual learning environment (VLE) which will then allow you to automatically gain access to your course within your confirmation email. If you are purchasing a course on behalf of others they will prompted to create a student account when they receive their confirmation email.

7. I haven’t received an email with an access link to my course – what should I do?

We apologise that you’ve experienced difficulties please email us including your name, the name of the Learner (if different) the course you’ve purchased and the day you purchased the course and we will investigate and resolve. Please note our working hours are Mon- Fri 10am – 4pm BST/GMT and during high traffic times email response may take 48hrs.

8. As a Business / Sponsor what are my options for payment?

You are able to pay via credit card, debit card or via invoice.
If you would like to pay via invoice please note you must spend a minimum of £500 in a single transaction and select a “pay via invoice” course as indicated within the TU Store.
Please follow the steps as indicated in cart and select the “pay by invoice” option within the cart area.
You will receive a confirmation email in response to your order in cart. The email will be your invoice and will contain our bank details.
Important: Please make payment using the bank details as indicated in the confirmation email. You will not gain access to your course(s) without payment.

9. Am I able to get a refund if I’m no longer able to take the course?

Yes, you have 14 days from purchase / proof of payment to request a refund. Please contact us upon to discuss – please include the following information when you contact us via email: your name, the name of the Learner (if different), your order number, the course you purchased, the date of your purchase and your company name (if applicable). Please see our refunds policy within our terms and conditions for more information.

10. I purchased the course for one Learner but now they are unable to take the course, can I swap the Learners and associate the course against a new Learner?

Unfortunately we not unable to swap Learners and the course will remain associated with your original Learner. To resolve please request a refund (guidance as detailed above) re your original purchase and then purchase the course anew and name the new Learner against this purchase.

11. Do I get a certificate as a Learner?

Yes, you will be given the opportunity to download a PDF certificate when you complete each course. The link to download your certificate will be provided in your completion email once you’ve completed the course. The link will take you to an area within the virtual learning environment which will allow you to download your certificate

12. I can’t find the course I’m looking for on the TU Store – what should I do?

Please try to find the course via the internal search on the home page or via the categories within the site. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact us on

13. I’d like to request a bespoke non-accredited course, how should I proceed?

We always welcome and consider requests in relation to expanding and developing our non-accredited CPD and short course portfolio and would be willing to discuss any bespoke courses required by businesses and institutes. Please contact to discuss your requirements and specifications.

14. I have another question and I can’t find the answer here, what should I do?

Please email us and we would be willing to help you. Please note our working hours are Mon- Fri 10am – 4pm BST/GMT and during high traffic times email respond may take 48hrs.

Please also view our terms and conditions for extra information too.

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